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Denver Broncos 2014 NFL Mock Draft!!

2014 MOck Draft 

By Roberto Garcia - John Elway built Peyton Manning one of the best offenses in NFL history, but as we all saw on Super Bowl Sunday, that wasn't enough.  Now it's time to help Manning out and build a great defense!!!  Here are my updated predictions and thoughts on what the Broncos need to do this offseason during the draft.    

(UPDATED) Denver Trades out of the 1st Round with the Houston Texans and pick up a 2nd and 3rd Round Picks!!

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Trent Murphy 2nd Round- DE Trent Murphy Stanford 6-6, 261 lbs replacement (Robert Ayers)

Robert Ayers has shown flashes here and their but don't think Denver resigns him I have seen enough of Ayers and so has Elway. Trent Murphy is a beast and would give pass rush and run stopping ability he would replace Ayers in a heart beat. He has fallen down some in the draft because of poor performance at practice at the senior bowl, but I'm glad Elway and Russell look at tape and not combine and bowls he stays Denver's top pick and why not trade out if you can get him in the second round while getting extra picks.

Ed Reynolds 2nd Round-FS Ed Reynolds Stanford 6-2, 205, replacement (Mike Adams)

Mike Adams has played pretty good so far but lost his job to Duke, I think Adams will hit free agency and won't be back cause he is showing his age and Denver is still looking for a stud Safety to go along with Moore, Reynolds I think is that guy he helped Stanford's D on the back side is really good in coverage and is not afraid to stop the run. 

Shayne Skov 3rd Round- ILB Shayne Skov Stanford 6-3, 245 lbs, replacement (Paris Lenon)

Paris Lenon is a lets see if he has anything left, he has played pretty good but it's time Elway went with a high pick and take a true ILB like Skov who is pretty good in coverage, stopping the run and putting pressure on the QB he would be a three down linebacker and would add to an already solid line backing core.   

Stanley Jean-Baptiste 3rd Round-CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste Nebraska 6-3, 215, replacement (Champ Bailey)

With the uncertainty of Champ Bailey retiring, I think Denver will take a corner here and will take a big frame corner like Cromartie. Denver will get a bargain if Stanley Jean-Baptiste is still on the board here he is 6-3 and doesn't need to play press coverage all the time, because he can break quickly like Cromartie and has speed to catch up to a receiver he played really well at the senior bowl and may have helped his stock. 

Brandon Coleman4th Round- WR Brandon Coleman Rutgers 6-5, 220 replacement (Andre Caldwell and/or Eric Decker)

Eric Decker or Andre Caldwell could be gone next year more likely Decker because Denver will have to compete with other teams to keep him and I don't think Elway will do that because Thomas is the number one receiver. Denver takes Brandon Coleman from the Rutgers this guy is a beast at 6'5 220 he has a lot of similarities to Thomas he has great hands and will go up for the ball, and his speed reminds me of Thomas once this guy gets into the open he is gone. He would help out Manning in the red zone and would be a huge target down the field this guy could learn better route running from Thomas which is fixable he could be a steal of the draft and could be another Megatron. 

Gabe Ikard5th Round- C Gabe Ikard, Oklahoma 6-3, 298 replacement (Dan Koppen).

Dan Koppen was a great center for Denver but is getting old and riddled with injuries and the release of JD Walton I would be surprised if Denver doesn't draft a center here. With Manny Ramirez doing so well at center he will be the starter next year but if he gets hurt Denver will need someone that is familiar with the position and Gabe Ikard would be the guy to step in. He was the anchor for the Sooners offensive line he is undersized only weighing 298 but has quick feet which is huge.

Jacob Pederson 6th Round-TE Jacob Pederson, Wisconsin 6-4, 240 replacement (Joel Dreessen).

Joel Dreessen has had a bad year because of injuries and I believe he will be released, and Jacob Tamme will be forced to restructure his contract. That's where Jacob Pederson comes in a former teammate of Montee Ball. He did not put up gaudy numbers in receiving stats but Wisconsin was a run first team and Jacob learned how to block well in the run game for Ball, in pass protection, and when he was called on to make catches he answered by making some great diving catches, he is very athletic in open space and is an all around great tight end that will replace Dreessen. 

Aaron Colvin 7th Round-CB Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma 6-0, 192, replacement (Tony Carter)

Tony Carter did good last year but has had a terrible year he will likely not be back, I have Aaron Colvin falling to the seventh round because of his unfortunate ACL tear at the senior bowl but luckily for him Denver picks a corner in the 3rd round and love to stash away corners. Elway is not afraid to take injured players and does so here because the skill set Colvin is hard to pass up. Once healthy again Colvin would compete with the rest of the corner back for a starting job and is very good in coverage and helps with stopping the run you can never have enough cornerbacks especially in a pass happy league...

With the disappointing loss in the Super Bowl, this mock draft would not only bring back the "ORANGE CRUSH" but it would also add depth to crucial positions because injuries are inevitable through out the year and if the Broncos want to make and win the Super Bowl they need to have quality depth!!!!

What do you think? Who should the Broncos draft?  What are their positions of need?